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Frequently Ask Questions

  • What types of cars do you allow in your program?

    • We accept all types of electric vehicles!

  • How much do you charge up my car?​​

    • We charge it up to 90%, no matter the starting charge.

  • How do you get access to the car?​

    • You and your concierge will coordinate through the app to ensure that they can easily and efficiently gain access to the vehicle.​

  • Who pays for the electricity?​

    • Bolt pays for the electricity. For Tesla owners, you will be reimbursed for the cost of electricity. For non-Tesla owners, Bolt pays for the electricity with their company card.​

  • What happens if there is an accident?

    • If there is an accident, and the concierge is at fault, Bolt will cover the cost of repairs to the vehicle.​

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