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You'll Never Need to
Your EV Again

Who We Are

Bolt was founded to help everyone feel comfortable buying and owning an electric vehicle. One of the biggest concerns people have with owning one is the inconvenience of charging. Well with Bolt, you never need to worry about it again, because we take care of it, wherever and whenever you need it.


How it Works

Download App

We release the app on October 31st. When we do, download the app onto your mobile device.

Request Charge

To request a charge, provide us with location of your car and three-hour charging window.

We Charge It

We come to your car,  drive it to the nearest charging station, and charge it up.

And Return It

And then return your car to its original location, fully charged up. It's just that easy!

Membership Plan


1 Charge/Month



3 Charge/Month



5 Charge/Month


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